Founded in 2017, the University of Michigan Science Olympiad Invitational is the premier Science Olympiad Invitational in the State of Michigan. It will feature quality competition using the University’s top-notch facilities and resources and tests written by expert faculty, while simultaneously being a stone’s throw away from many of the top and up-and-coming teams in Michigan. We recognize that having to cross state borders to attend competitive Invitationals is taxing on the already small budgets of the many teams and our Invitational solves this by providing a high caliber of competition at the nation’s top public university.
    This Invitational was developed with the intention of providing an arena of play for the many teams in Michigan who cannot afford to compete in states like Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana, but can make the trip down to beautiful Ann Arbor. We have consulted with other collegiate Science Olympiad groups and used the tips and advice that they offered us to ensure that this competition will be successful. 
    We are confident that the University of Michigan Science Olympiad will host a successful invitational every year, and allow students to receive exposure to the many exciting disciplines in the sciences. With your support, we can make this an Invitational one that teams will continue coming back to.